Der Rebenbummler

Travelling in a historical steam train

Copyright: (c) A. Zentner/vinofaktum

Copyright: (c) A. Zentner/vinofaktum

Enjoy a wonderful day in the Kaiserstuhl region by travelling with the historical steam train called Rebenbummler.

Just like our grandfathers you go by train in historical rail wagons sitting on original wooden benches and/or standing on partly open platforms. In the comfortable bar wagon non-alcoholic soft drinks, different beers of Riegeler’s brewery and a selection of wine are offered. The different types of wine are produced in the winegrowing villages where the steam train goes past. Enjoy a wonderful glass of wine during your trip through the nature of the Kaiserstuhl.

Between Riegel-Malterdingen and Endingen the train passes by fertile agricultural areas, between Endingen and Sasbach it goes through one of the largest fruit growing areas, after Sasbach the train touches the meadows of the Rhine for a short time before it comes to the most beautiful section of the trip.

From Jechtingen to Breisach the train goes through the immense vineyards. Then you have a wonderful view from the train to the winegrowing village of Burkheim with its castle (Schwendiburg), to the Münsterberg of Breisach (cathedral’s hill) and, in case of good weather conditions, to the Alsace and the Vosges.