The blossom calendar helps when planning a blossom hike

Don’t miss this incredible natural spectacle! While there is still snow on the mountains of the Black Forest you can already enjoy a real sea of blossoms in the Naturgarten Kaiserstuhl. In the following you will find a selection of photos taken of this colourful spectacle.
For enjoying the flowering which time does be the best? Please have a look on the following table where you can find our experiences gained during the last years.
What When Where
almond blossoms it depends on the respective winter, but normally, from the end of February till mid-March mainly near Achkarren, Oberrotweil and Ihringen
pasque-flowers March Badberg next to Alt-Vogtsburg, small-sized flower meadows and embankments e. g. next to Ihringen
grape hyacinths March / April in many places in vineyard parcels
blossom of anemones March / April early blossoming plants on the forest floor of the deciduous forests; e. g. in the Liliental and around St. Catherine’s Chapel
wild garlic’s blossom leaves in March, blossoming in April / May In the humid deciduous forests of the Kaiserstuhl (mainly near Bahlingen above Silberbrunnen, Endingen, Ihringen beneath Katzensteinbuck) and the surrounding lowlands (mainly Gündlingen, Härdtlewald next to Merdingen, Mooswälder between March and Gottenheim)
flower season of the cherry trees between the end of March and mid-April in the valleys of the Kaiserstuhl and the surrounding region, especially on the northern edge around Königschaffhausen
flower season of the apple trees from mid-April till the beginning of May in and around the Kaiserstuhl
blossoming of the woad end of April on slopes, mainly between Oberbergen and Oberrotweil
German iris
(Iris x germanica)
from the end of April till mid-May dry embankments mainly near Ihringen (Winklerberg), Achkarren (Schlossberg) and Schelingen (Kirchenbuck)
anemones in the Kaiserstuhl
(Anemone sylvestris)
at the beginning of May at the edge of woods, narrow passes and grassy slopes
blood cranesbill May dry edges and slopes of woods in the whole Kaiserstuhl
flower season of orchids mainly in May and June on species-rich and dry meadows and slopes especially on the Badberg, in Liliental and around Schelingen, as well as in dry forests
dry meadows from mid-May till mid-June Badberg, Haselschacher Buck, Scheibenbuck, Schelinger Wiesen
false acacia blossom mid-May Kuppenwälder, Badberg-Südhang
gas plant blossom end of May mainly on the Büchsenberg
blossoming of the vine at the beginning of June in all vineyards of the Kaiserstuhl and Tuniberg

Attention: The flower seasons depend extremely from the weather conditions of the respective year. Therefore, these times could be earlier or later.

Authors: Naturgarten Kaiserstuhl GmbH published on the basis of the following persons’ experiences: Matthias Hollerbach (tour guide in the Kaiserstuhl), Reinhold Treiber (Naturzentrum Kaiserstuhl) and Hubert Schneider (fruit growing consultant for Erzeugergroßmarkt Südbaden e.G. in Oberrotweil); published on 3rd March 2015.